Thursday, April 16, 2009

Development of the Ascension Class: Photos & Album

I have been busy these last few months working on a new design for Star Trek: Phoenix, a fan based production in Seattle.

Now that the final 3D Mesh has been handed over to them and they have formally revealed the design, I can at last catalogue all my work here - from initial sketches, test models, development shots through to the final textured design.

Click here to browse through all the images in one Album:


  1. Great to see you back at it, Mark! Or at least - Great to see why you've been somewhat silent lately. :)

    The design is certainly an interesting one. I really like what you did with the deflector area. And it's great to see the design process you went through - refining various areas down to the final design.

    Impressive work, as always.

  2. Thanks Comco - the design came out from the back story of the show - the "wings" were supposed to show that is was inspired by Romulan contributions.

    The deflector was a difficult one as the producers had something very specific in mind they wanted to realise.

    How is going?